Following yesterday's devastating mass killings in Nice, France, UC Berkeley reports that several students were injured and one is missing in the attack. That act of violence, carried out with a truck during Bastille Day celebrations, claimed the lives of 84 people and injured more than 200 others.

The Berkeley students were among 85 from the university attending a 15-day program called Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Europe. “Campus study abroad staff, our risk services office, and student affairs are working with fellow students in France, the program director on the ground, officials in the area, the U.S. consular officials and the family in an effort to locate him,” Cal officials said in a statement.

Two students broke their legs and one broke a foot. A third, 20-year-old junior Nicolas Leslie, is unaccounted for. “We just want our son back,” the Chronicle quotes Conrad Leslie, Nicolas' father.“We haven’t gotten the bad news. Our thoughts and prayers go to the people who have.”

The Wall Street Journal has learned Leslie's uncle, who is apparently in Nice, has gone from hospital to hospital searching for his nephew.