A spot loved by locals and tourist alike underwent some changes today, as sections of the road surrounding Twin Peaks were made the exclusive domain of cyclists and pedestrians. The SFMTA plan to turn half of the figure-eight road surrounding Twin Peaks car-free has been in the works for a while now, and was officially approved this past April. Today is the first day the new rules are in effect, and driver confusion is to be expected.

As we noted previously, the pilot program turns the east side — the side facing downtown — into a pedestrian and cyclist only street while keeping the west side as a two lane road. Here's a handy visual aide:


The Chronicle did some man-on-the-street reporting, and spoke with both pedestrians and bus drivers who, as of today, are greeted with a new landscape after ascending the peaks.

“This is great,” San Francisco cyclist Wayne Puckett told the paper. “Anything that makes the road safer is great.”

Those thoughts were echoed by Las Vegas tourist and pedestrian Rosie Galarza. “Anything that can make you less scared of being run over is a good thing.”

Unsurprisingly, the tour bus drivers the publication spoke with didn't agree. Of note, however, is that tourists still have the same view — they just have to get out of the bus first. That's a sacrifice, we think, that most people will be OK making in the name of safety.

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Image via Rec & Park.