Following a sniper attack in Dallas Thursday night that left five police officers dead, police in the Bay Area are reportedly taking precautions to prevent any copycat shootings.

The Dallas shootings, which began at 9 p.m. during a peaceful downtown demonstration against fatal police shootings of civilians, left seven more people injured. Early reports indicate that before he was killed, one of the suspects in the shootings claimed he was upset at the recent police shootings, with Dallas Police Chief David Brown saying Friday morning that "he wanted to kill white people — especially white officers."

Three other suspects remain in custody, but Gothamist reports that they are "not cooperating with authorities."

Friday morning, Mayor Ed Lee issued this statement on what spokesperson Deirdre Hussey described as "the recent violence across the country."

This morning our hearts are heavy following the recent violence that has impacted communities across the country.

We can and must stand against violence — violence against young men of color, violence against law enforcement officers and violence against our communities as a whole. We need to come together, have meaningful conversations about change and work together towards peace.

In these sad times, when it seems nearly everyday we are greeted by more killing and more reason to grieve, we must remember what is right and what gives us hope. It is the bold, but peaceful protestors in the Black Lives Matter movement across the country who seek a safer, more perfect union through speech, the many brave police officers — such as those in Orlando — who unselfishly rush to save lives, and our San Francisco police officers who showed this week that reforms can take hold and the sanctity of life can be upheld. ”

With his last line, Lee was presumably alluding to the Wednesday's police activity on Mid-Market, in which an allegedly armed man was detained via non-lethal means after a four-hour standoff with SFPD.

Local police departments are also taking precautions, today and in the coming days. According to KRON 4, "Police in San Jose and in Oakland will be patrolling in pairs" following the Dallas shootings. A call to San Francisco police (which as standard practice patrol in pairs) to see what additional precautions, if any, officers would be taking in the wake of the attacks was not returned at publication time, but the agency did send the following statement to media Friday morning:

Our thoughts and prayers today are with the Dallas law enforcement community, the families of those officers who lost their lives last night and the people of Dallas. It is disturbing that a peaceful, lawful demonstration by Dallas citizens was exploited for a vicious attack. Even while under fire, these brave officers strove to protect protesters from gunfire. In the wake of this senseless tragedy, San Francisco Police Department remains committed to building stronger bonds between law enforcement officers and the communities we are proud to serve.

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