Sean O'Toole, chef at three-year-old Napa restaurant Torc (in the space once home to Ubuntu), has started a tradition as a treat for his staff, after a long night of service, that he shared with Vice's Munchies blog this week: tempura-frying frozen In-N-Out Double-Doubles.

He says he'll go out and buy 20 of them, quarter them, skewer them, and stow them in the freezer. At the end of a night, he'll batter them in the kitchen's leftover glutinous rice flour tempura mix, fry them in canola oil, and serve them up to be dipped in a selection of house mayos.

"It may sound like the most decadent thing ever," O'Toole says, "However, believe me when I say that there is no better way to warm up a cold In-N-Out burger. All the veggies remain crisp. It remains neat, and the entire thing is surprisingly light."

Also, because it's Napa, they've tried out some wine pairings, and Petite Syrah apparently "tastes amazing with it."

You can feel free to try this in your own Fry Daddy assuming you can get your hands on tempura mix, but don't expect to find this on Torc's menu: It's for staff only — at least until too many blog readers go banging down their doors after a few drinks at a bar down the street demanding one of their own.

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