In yet another abrupt and fairly high-profile closure, Oro, the second restaurant project of Commonwealth chef-partner Jason Fox, served its last dinner Saturday night. As Fox tells Inside Scoop, "We thought we had a good restaurant, but these days things are a little rough."

The space the restaurant opened in at 8 Mint Plaza last fall has been a bit cursed, having also briefly been home to Thermidor in recent years, though it remained vacant for almost three before Oro's debut.

Like Cadence, the other upscale newbie on the scene to announce a closure in the last week, Oro was also likely hurt by an early poor review from Michael Bauer. The Chronicle critic swung back for an update in May, saying it was now "ready for showtime" and giving it two and a half stars, but that was clearly too little, too late to help business.

Eater wonders aloud if more high-profile restaurants that opened in a glut of new openings on Mid-Market last year might be in trouble — especially big, splashy spots like Dirty Water and Bon Marché, both in the Twitter building, which are likely feeling squeezed as the boom times quiet down.

Fox even tells Inside Scoop, "I feel like we’ll see a lot more of these [closings] happening in the next six months."