Local star pizzaiolo Tony Gemignani, who's won like a hundred world pizza championships at this point, is partnering with the San Francisco Giants this season to create two signature pizzas inspired by two stars of the team, Joe Panik and Brandon Belt. It's also a benefit, with $1 from each player’s custom slice and $6 from each full pie donated to George Mark Children’s House, a charity supported by Gemignani and the Giants in the past which provides family-centered medical care that emphasizes quality of life for children and young adults facing a life-limiting diagnosis.

The two new pies, debuting Monday June 27 at Tony's 2nd Street Slice House near AT&T Park, are as follows:

The Panik Parm Pie comes topped with breaded chicken cutlets, sliced mozzarella, tomato sauce, garlic, grated parmigiano, oregano, and olive oil.

Belt’s Monster Meat Pizza is topped with pepperoni, sausage, bacon, red and green onion, bell pepper, shaved parmigiano and Romano cheeses, and comes with a side of chili oil.

The double entendre on Belt's "monster meat" aside, it all sounds pretty good!

Says Gemignani, "I am a big supporter of the George Mark Children’s House and know the San Francisco Giants are as well. I knew there was huge opportunity to work together to raise additional funds and get our fans involved." He adds, "We’re excited to serve pizzas inspired by some of the best players in the league all to support a great organization."

In related news, a Tony's Slice House just opened in Walnut Creek, for all your far-East Bay slice needs.