Ambitious new restaurant Cadence (1446 Market Street), with chef Joey Elenterio at the helm, is already closing after just six months in business. Eater brings word that co-owner Jay Bordeleau (Maven) issued a statement announcing that July 2 would be the restaurant's last night of service. The reason appears to be primarily financial. "Suffice [it] to say that challenges in this city are plentiful," Bordeleau writes, "and Cadence had serious construction delays that significantly impacted our budget before we even opened the doors."

The restaurant debuted after the holidays, in early January, and was met with somewhat mixed reviews — including a tart two-star takedown by Michael Bauer in March which couldn't have helped in terms of drawing in crowds. Still, even with poor receptions in the Chronicle restaurants don't typically call it quits this speedily, and perhaps this is a sign of a shakeout to come as the local economy cools and the bevy of new restaurants that opened in the last eighteen months figure out whether or not they can survive.

As Bordeleau puts it, "In a way, Cadence's closure expresses the current state of San Francisco: Still struggling to balance passion and dreams against the realities of profits and losses." Still, he maintains, "I'm proud of what we created and the integrity with which we did it."

The space is being put up for sale, and you should drop in for some wine in the coming two weeks because the whole wine cellar is up for grabs at half-price.

Mr. Tipple's Recording Studio, the restaurant's attached bar and lounge that faces Fell Street, will remain open and serving snacks and drinks.