While there is no appropriate or satisfying response to what happened in Orlando on Sunday, LGBT communities around the world have responded with huge vigils and outpourings of love, horror, and support. A crowdfunding campaign has raised over $4 million in support of victims and their families in just three days, and San Francisco bars and venues already have multiple events planned this week that will donate proceeds to that fund — including a beer bust Saturday afternoon at The Cinch, a cocktail event at Blackbird on Sunday, as well as a big Sunday tea dance at 1015 Folsom featuring a joint effort by promoters Gus Bean, Juanita MORE!, Swagger Like Us, Go Bang!, Club Lonely, Lights Down Low, Polyglamorous, Honey Soundsystem, and more.

But this evening, at Harvey Milk Plaza in the Castro — and likely spilling into the street as well — a "kiss-in" is planned inspired in part by the #TwoMenKissing thing that has gone viral, in response to the notion that the sight of two men kissing in public prompted shooter Omar Mateen to murder 49 people.

The event, using the hashtag #SpreadLove, starts at 6 p.m. Organizer Curt Janka writes, "If a same-sex kiss prompted the heinous event in Orlando, then let's flood the internet with positive displays of love. Love, in all it's beautiful forms, is not to be feared."

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