Starting at 10 a.m., Tim, Jony, Phil and the gang will be taking the stage at Bill Graham to unveil some stuff, all as part of the keynote of the big WWDC happening this week. We won't know what exactly until it's unveiled, but rumor has it that Siri will be coming to your laptop, and the guys at Wired have actually spent the last hour live-blogging their thoughts before the event has even begun.

CNet has already predicted that Apple will be bringing us a creepier version of the Amazon Echo smart speaker which will have facial recognition technology built in, and like HAL in 2001, it'll know it's you when you walk in a room and start playing your music and switch to your lighting preferences.

In order to watch, you need to open up Safari and then go here. Or you can just read the various live blogs and Twitter feeds that will be devoted to each and every announcement.

Just don't expect any big iPhone 7 news — that's not predicted until the fall, but apparently there's going to be a blue one.

Update: As things kick off, we see that watchOS 3 is much faster, there's a Minnie Mouse face now, there's some new stuff with tvOS (single sign-on, Siri can search YouTube now), and they're retiring the term OS X in favor of macOS, the new release being macOS Sierra.

Update 2: OK, it's over. Nothing much to see here, folks, but Wired has got a quick rundown of the changes to Apple Music, calling it "clean and karaoke friendly," and there are some changes in iOS 10 that are kind of notable, including an "app drawer" in iMessage (shown below), and the ability to handwrite messages over photos. Read more here. Also, for the nerds, Siri is being opened up to third-party developers, and you'll be able to use Siri on your PC too.

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