Following the Health Department's discovery of a "severe cockroach infestation" earlier this month, it now appears that Blondie's Pizza has closed permanently. The Powell Street pizza spot was forced to shut its doors in an attempt to clean the place up and resolve any health issues before an eventual planned reopening — something we now know will not be happening.

"We're really trying to open at 100 percent and correct everything," an employee named Steven told Hoodline at the time. "I want our customers to come back."

Located next to the cable car turnaround, Blondie's was mostly a tourist spot, but definitely pulled in locals looking for a quick slice. In what may or may not have been a surprise, health inspectors shut the restaurant down on May 9 with the Chronicle reporting "an imminent health issue" as the cause. That health issue just so happened to be cockroaches.

The Blondie's website simply states that the "San Francisco and Berkeley locations are closed," but provides no further information. A call this morning to the business went unanswered, and no voicemail picked up.

However, if the interior of the place truly is "totally scraped clean" as one passerby says, I think we can finally close the book on that particularly greasy chapter in San Francisco's delicious pizza history.

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