Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have been making the rounds in California ahead of the increasingly tight primary on June 7, and Clinton arrived at the Hibernia Bank building Thursday, giving a speech at 5 p.m. in which she attacked Donald Trump and told Sanders supporters it was time to unite the party. She was introduced by Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom — who's been rumored to be on her list of potential VP picks — as well as Mayor Ed Lee, who as the Chronicle reports was booed by many of the 1,000 or so Clinton supporters at the event.

According to ABC 7, Clinton referred to her husband's time in office and to President Obama's terms in the White House saying, "Our economy does better when we have a Democrat in the White House." That was met with a big cheer.

Perhaps making reference to homeless people and others just outside the event's doors on Market Street and in the Tenderloin, Clinton also spoke about creating more treatment facilities for the mentally ill and the addicted, saying, "They do not belong in jails and prisons."

She also hit on campaign promises like raising the national minimum wage, making all community colleges free, and bringing more manufacturing jobs back to the US.

And, shifting the focus to the general election, she laid into Donald Trump, calling him "dangerous and divisive," saying that his comments during the campaign had already "rattled" foreign leaders, and calling for him to release his tax returns as all candidates have done for decades. "If you have paid federal income tax, show us," she said.

Also, pointedly, according to the Chron, she called out comments that Trump had made on the eve of the economic crisis in 2007.

Clinton also brought up Trump’s comments in 2007 about how he was almost rooting for a housing downturn because of the money he could make as a real estate developer.

“Five million homes lost. Think of the heartbreak and despair,” Clinton said. “We know a lot about Donald Trump. He roots for himself ... and that’s the type of person who should not be president of the United States.”

This LA Times writer scanned the crowd lined up outside the event for some sartorial coverage, as well, and it's pretty much what you'd expect.

Come late evening, it looks like some local friends took Hillary out to dinner at hot spot Liholiho Yacht Club, as Hoodline noted via the tweet below.