Peter Thiel has divided Silicon Valley. In the ongoing story of the Paypal co-founding billionaire and Facebook board member who has been secretly funding Hulk Hogan's lawsuit against Gawker Media — in what he calls an act of "philanthropy" but others might call a maniacal attempt to silence media for personal reasons — The New York Post reports that Pierre Omidyar, an eBay co-founder with his own media empire, First Look Media, is coming out against Thiel and urging others to do the same. Furthermore, more such media companies might be scrutinizing Facebook in all this, due to Thiel's connections to that company and its recent push to position itself as a major source for news.

“First Look Media is looking into organizing amicus support for Gawker in its legal fight and appeal against Hulk Hogan," First Look’s general counsel Lynn Oberlander told the Post.

Meanwhile, Recode mulls the meaning of it all for Facebook, which has on its hands accusations of another kind of media manipulation in its ongoing Trending Topics scandal. Most recently the site says an internal probe revealed that conservative news sources were not, as was originally reported by a Gawker website, Gizmodo, being suppressed. Nonetheless, to many onlookers, Thiel's position on Facebook's board doesn't look so good right now.

While it's possible Facebook will do something, or say something about Thiel's involvement in the Gawker suit, for now, Recode got a "no comment." Slate also weighed in, saying that while Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg should dump Thiel from the board, he probably won't.

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