On-demand ride-hailing service Lyft just went old school with a new option to book your ride up to 24 hours ahead. It's a test run for now, says Mashable, but the vintage, taxi-style reservation method could prove popular with the particularly time-sensitive — and/or airport-bound — granting them "peace of mind" according to a Lyft spokesperson.

"While on-demand rides remain core to our platform, we’re thrilled to offer even more options to passengers — as well as another opportunity for drivers to earn," Lyft writes in a statement on its blog. But Consumerist quips that booking in advance "essentially defeats the purpose of an on-demand ride-hailing app." Eh, "what the hell," might sum up Lyft's philosophy.

Considering that drivers might not want to take time out of their regular stop-to-stop schedule, Lyft is imposing a $20 minimum fare minimum fares, which are TBD, on scheduled rides. Testing begins in San Francisco "shortly" — does that mean within 24 hours?

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