"Big if true," as they say on Twitter. Bloomberg reports that the microblogging service or whatever we're calling it now won't include the characters taken up by links and photos as part of its famous 140-character limit. Links and images take about 23 characters each even when they're automatically shortened on the platform, so basically, that means there's more room for your urgent thoughts to go next to a link to your website, or photo, or what have you.

Bloomberg received the intel from an anonymous "person familiar with the matter" type, who says it could happen in as little as two weeks' time. That all sounds reasonable, if a bit unprecedented, when you consider that the move might be, for once, popular with Twitter users. The company's various tweaks have been notoriously disliked, setting, shall we say, a lower limit on its stock earlier this month.

While the service considered expanding the limit for Tweet length beyond the 140-character cap, CEO Jack Dorsey nixed that idea in March. "It’s a good constraint for us," he said at the time, "It allows for of-the-moment brevity." If you weren't aware, 140 characters come from the pre-smart phone era, and represent the maximum number of characters you could use in one text message on a dumb phone, which was how you Tweeted back in 2006 I guess.

Instead of expanding drastically, this compromise move is likely to be well received — at least by most.

Anyway, everyone have fun with those 23 to 47 more characters. I'm sure we'll say some very important things with them.

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