An early-morning pizza delivery went awry Saturday, when a duo of carb-seeking gunmen robbed the driver of the doubtlessly delicious pie.

It was 2:05 a.m. Saturday when a 41-year-old pizza deliveryman was dispatched to the 700 block of 37th Avenue, which is between Balboa and Cabrillo Streets.

He was "retrieving the pizza from the trunk," according to the San Francisco Police Department, when two men "approached from behind."

As one man "stood there with the handgun on the side of his body," the second miscreant demanded that the man hand over the pizza, as well as his wallet and cell phone.

The driver complied, and police say that the pizza purloiners then fled on foot. The flatbread freaks haven't been seen since, and as of publication time, SFPD did not have any further suspect information to provide.