The above video from ABC 7's chopper shows some more great glimpses of humpback whales inside the Golden Gate — how many there are, or if these are just the same gang people have been spotting for over a week, remains unclear. But in two different instances here you can see kite-surfers get dangerously close to the whales — who actually could, accidentally, cause a person great bodily harm with their tail or if they decided to breach. And in one, you can see a kite-boarder go directly between two swimming whales, and then wipe out just feet from where they were, making things even more potentially dangerous.

Don't try this, people! Ever! It's recommended that boats and windsurfers and kayakers remain at least 300 feet away at all times.

It's believed the whales are making this spring appearance because of a glut of anchovies swimming around the shores of the bay, and the whales are having an extended feast.

Here's more footage of the kite-surfers and whales, picked up by CBS 5.

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