Not shockingly, the man accused in the killing of three innocent people last November in Colorado Springs, as he attempted to storm a Planned Parenthood location there and be a "warrior for the babies," as he later admitted, has been declared by a judge to be unfit for trial. Robert Dear, 58, has been found by two state psychologists to be delusional and unfit to stand trial, as the New York Times reports, after a competency evaluation that was ordered after Dear fired his public defenders and tried to act as his own attorney.

Per the Times:

Mr. Dear has insisted that he is competent and ready to stand trial. A Colorado Springs police detective said at a hearing last month that Mr. Dear had told him during more than seven hours of questioning after the shooting that he feared an insanity ruling would diminish his anti-abortion message.

As the Colorado Springs Gazette reports, Dear couldn't contain himself as 4th Judicial District Chief Judge Gilbert Martinez read from his eight-page ruling, screaming out, "That's called prejudiced. Prejudiced! Filthy animal!"

In his ruling, Martinez cited "roughly two dozen instances when Dear's beliefs appeared to break from reality," per the Gazette, including the fact that Dear believes the "feds" have been surveilling him for 20 years, and had installed a listening device in his pickup truck. Dear also seems to think that President Obama created the Islamic State. To be clear, Dear was not found to be schizophrenic as he did not have accompanying hallucinations.

Dear will be remanded for treatment to the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo until such time as he may be found competent for trial.

He stands accused of 179 counts including first-degree murder and attempted murder. While all 15 staff members at the Planned Parenthood survived during the November 27 siege, Dear is accused in the murders of 44-year-old University of Colorado police officer Garrett Swasey, 29-year-old Ke'Arre M. Stewart, and 35-year-old Jennifer Markovsky, as well as injuring nine others.

At a hearing in December, Dear confessed to the shooting, saying, "I’m guilty. There’s no trial. I’m a warrior for the babies."

Below, one more classic shot from that hearing.

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