With news that Amazon Prime and five other new startups have recently gotten into the food delivery game, we honestly thought that the food-delivery market was saturated. Oh how wrong we were, as the advent of the latest meal-delivery service proves the market is in fact ripe for expansion. Enter Nom Nom Now, the San Francisco-based company that "uses only the freshest, restaurant-quality ingredients" in preparing meals for your dog.

"Cooked weekly in our local kitchen, our meals are individually portioned and ready to serve your dog with no prep," reads the company's website. Starting at $36.24 a week (plus tax, but including the delivery fee), the company delivers to your home fresh meals that, truth be told, look better than much of what I ate in college.

The Chronicle spoke with Nom Nom Now CEO Nate Phillips, who assured the paper that his client base is both diverse and growing. "Our customers aren't all in Pac Heights," he explained. "The initial reaction is definitely like 'that's a huge indulgence.' [...] And then we talk a little bit more and it becomes less about the indulgence and more about maintaining health."

Some of the not-indulgences include meals with names like Heartland Beef Mash (pictured above), Tasty Turkey Fare, Porkalicious Potluck, and Chicken Chow-Wow, and my just provide an answer to that question we've all been wondering as of late: Have we hit peak San Francisco yet?

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