After a year at its new, Frank Gehry-designed headquarters, Facebook looks to be making their house a home. As Curbed reports on building permits sleuthed by Buildzoom, the company, which often leaves areas incomplete in a symbolic gesture, we're told, is planning additions and amenities to its corporate campus.

First off, the company is greening things up: Eight permits totaling $8 million reveal that Facebook is planning a variety of solar energy plans, the largest among them a $4.4 million project to install solar canopies above the parking area. The facilities already boast a nine-acre green roof that doubles as a park, mind you.

Other notable plans are for perks and amenities. Picture your day at Facebook, they seem to say, which might include a stint on the $80,000 climbing wall or the $800,000 turf field. More of an indoor-type? Hang at the $13,000 game arcade or relax in the $400,000 spa.

If the sales of ping-pong tables etc. to tech startups, which may be slowing, spells doom and gloom for those companies, what does this all mean for Facebook? The company "never confirm[s] amounts spent on permits," they told Curbed, so we'll have to wait and see on all these developments.

Still, the message would seem to be clear. The social network wants its employees to be social, and very, very comfortable. Forget swilling Kool-aid, Facebook wants its employees slurping noodles at a $1.3 million noodle bar, a development also indicated in the plans.

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