In a second high-profile philanthropic effort in a month, multimillionaire motivational speaker Tony Robbins has offered to pay for a long-term home for an 85-year-old woman who was being evicted from her home of 32 years in Burlingame. That woman is Georgia Rothrock, and she was the longtime roommate of 97-year-old Marie Hatch, whose story made headlines after she was threatened with eviction despite having a lifetime lease and having lived in her home for 66 years. Rothrock's fate was in limbo following Hatch's sudden death last month, in the midst of an unresolved legal fight, but as the Chronicle reports, she'll now be relocating to a senior housing complex in Belmont with Robbins' help.

Way to put our own local tech billionaires to shame again, Robbins.

The noted "CEO whisperer" recently stepped in to purchase a new soup kitchen location for an order of French nuns, the Fraternite Notre Dame Mary of Nazareth, who have been feeding the homeless in the Tenderloin daily for nearly a decade. After they were given a rent hike they could not afford, their story went out to the local media and Robbins decided, with the help of some billionaire friends, to purchase a new building in the Mission for them for $750,000 in cash. He also, reports the Chron, recently bought the nuns a new house to live in as well, though details about that were not given.

Rothrock, meanwhile, says that Robbins has agreed to cover the difference between her Social Security benefits and the rent at the complex, in monthly payments spread out of 10 years and totaling about $50,000.

Robbins has a home in Florida as well as one in Palm Springs, and he recently helped a 100-year-old woman there in a similar situation, donating $24,000 spread over the next to years to cover her rent.

He tells the paper, "This is my goal. I haven’t forgotten what it was like to be poor. I just want to help. ... Georgia is a very sweet woman."

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