They keep on coming: The San Francisco Metro Area saw an influx of 60,000 people last year, indicating that nothing — not nationally scorned housing prices, not reports of the death of our culture, or whatever — can keep them away. But where is everybody coming from?

SpareFoot, a Texas-based storage company locator website, wanted to know, probably to recommend their services to those on the move. Using census data over the five year period from 2009-2013, these were their findings.


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First, the top five counties of origin for those moving from outside of California.

1. New York, NY (Manhattan) - 3.5% (of all movers)
2. King County, WA (Seattle) - 2.2%
3. Cook County, IL (Chicago) - 1.9%
4. Suffolk County, MA (Boston) - 1.6%
5. Middlesex County, MA (Cambridge) - 1.2%

Next, for those making an intrastate move, these were the most common counties that new San Franciscans hailed from were:

1. San Mateo County - 11.8%
2. Alameda County - 10%
3. Santa Clara County - 9.35%
4. Los Angeles County - 7.1%
5. San Diego County - 4%

So, between 2009 and 2013, according to Census data (it's actually American Community Survey estimates because there was only one Census in 2010, but...), 1,773 New Yorkers transplanted themselves here, while 1,115 people came from Seattle, 962 came from Chicago, and 3,583 came from LA. Also, a not inconsiderable 2,032 moved here from San Diego.

Maybe it's all not much to worry about. After all, everyone who is anyone in tech is packing up and heading to New York — right?

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