That LGBT documentary mini-series that we told you about a few months back, When We Rise, has been shooting in recent weeks in Vancouver — most notably, they just shot parts of the White Night riot, Cleve Jones noted on Facebook last week. The show, written by Milk writer Dustin Lance Black, is set to air on ABC later this year in eight parts, and several will focus on San Francisco's role in the fight for LGBT civil rights.

Now, as Jones announced yesterday, they're seeking extras for location shoots here in the city — which for some who were here back in 2008 will call to mind the Milk shoots, in which many locals came out in their '70's best for nighttime shoots, and the Castro was transformed complete with vintage signage and '70's cars.

It's unclear what events will be shot here in SF, but they're likely to feature both City Hall and the Castro neighborhood just like the Milk shoot did. Shooting begins next week, and all locations are said to be BART/Muni accessible.

And we know that the dramatizations in the docu-series will star Guy Pearce as Jones (he was portrayed in his younger years by Emile Hirsch in Milk), Mary-Louise Parker as former SF public health commissioner Roma Guy, and Rachel Griffiths (Six Feet Under) as her wife, Diane Jones, who co-founded the Women's Building together.

Below, the details about the casting call, shared by Jones:

- All experience levels welcome!
- Seeking ALL races, genders and body types, but people with hair styles consistent with the 1970s are especially needed!
- SAG-AFTRA members will be paid union rates.
-We also need some folks for just 2 hours at $12.25/hour

When: We will be shooting over multiple days in the last week of April and first week of May. We will schedule you for specific day(s) based on availability.

Where: Shoot locations will be in or near SF and reachable by Muni/Bart (parking cannot be guaranteed).

Time: Call times will vary by day. NOTE: Filming is an “all day” commitment, plan on spending up to 8 hours on the set — unless you sign up for a 2 hour only shift.

To be a part of WHEN WE RISE, contact us with the 5 pieces of info below.

Send an email to [email protected]

1) Name (in the subject line) & indicate if you are over 18.
2) Email & best phone number
3) Are you a SAG member and, if so, your SAG #
4) Attach a current photo — cell phone selfies are fine!
5) Were you referred by cast or crew?

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