We've heard a lot about how tough the housing situation is in San Francisco, with multiple reports suggesting that one group — the frequently maligned Millennial generation — has it particularly rough. Well, a new report by Apartment List brings an additional level of depressing clarity to the situation, and, surprise, we're all screwed.

The study, picked up by the Business Times, is titled "The Affordability Crisis: What Happens When Millennials Can’t Afford to Buy?" and finds that affordability — not our fickle Millennial ways — is the biggest obstacle to San Francisco home ownership (which: duh). What's more, over 80 percent of those born between 1980 and 2000 have given up entirely on ever owning a home in our great city.

Interestingly, even those that plan on buying are likely shit out of luck as they "significantly underestimate" the amount of money required to do so. "In general, it seems like many renters have not adequately researched the financial issues behind homeownership," explained Andrew Woo of Apartment List to the Times, "and so they do not know how much they will need, and are therefore not saving enough each month."

And they're not saving enough by a lot. "Millennials in the Bay Area have the most unrealistic expectations, with the average renter there underestimating their down payment amount by more than $73,000," finds the study. "[San Francisco] Millennial renters there need ~28 years to save enough for a 20 percent down payment on a home!"


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