Oakland-based Rocket Dog Rescue has saved over 7,500 pets over its 13 years in operation, but now they need your help, after the driver of a stolen van crashed into their shelter.

According to a post on Rocket Dog's Facebook page, Rocket Dog founder Pali Boucher was awakened Monday by an emergency call from the Oakland Police Department, which informed her that the driver of a stolen van had smashed through the wall of their "Urban Sanctuary."

The driver missed "the sleeping live-in caretaker's bed by inches," Boucher says. Fortunately, "everyone is ok" and the "dogs are all safe," Boucher says, acknowledging that "we are SUPER LUCKY." SFist's call to the Oakland Police Department for more information on the vehicle theft and crash was not returned at publication time.

Boucher says that the errant driver ripped the fence for the shelter's dog play yard down, and left a giant hole in the shelter wall. "We need to fix this fence right away!" Boucher says.

Want to help Rocket Dog out? If you have the time or resources to help them repair their structures, please text Boucher at 415-756-8188. Or, if you have some cash you can donate to this truly worthy organization, here's where to do that.