Over the past few years BART's escalators have basically become a punch line, filled with poop as they are and broken so frequently that BART officials last year were forced to create a website dedicated to monitoring the sorry state of the movable stairs. But that's soon to be behind us, reports Bay City News, as the BART board just approved $3 million in funds dedicated to fixing twelve of the most troubled escalators.

The money will go to replacing 19-year-old controller parts, which apparently have become obsolete (and yes, we, also, are starting to see a trend). “This is one of the biggest complaints that I get,” BART director Nick Josefowitz said today. “I think it’s terrific that we’re trying to deal with this problem.”

Whether or not any of those newly approved dollar bills will be used to wipe up the excrement clogging and breaking the machines is anyone's guess, but our money is on "no."

According to BART, at present there are twelve escalators out of service — eight of which are listed as undergoing some sort of repair. Fingers crossed this latest attempt to repair the machine will fare better than ones past.

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