The SFPD has issued a warning to any stoner parents who were considering letting their kids tag along to the annual smoke-out at Hippie Hill in Golden Gate Park on 4/20: You can and may be arrested on child endangerment charges. As SF Weekly notes, the warning came from the once colorful Park Station Newsletter — the police blotter rundown for the station that used to be a hilarious read when it was penned by retired Captain Greg Corrales, but now not so much.

Captain John Sanford's communications liaison, Sandra Garson, now writes the brief, in which she explains how the 420-wary station is preparing, yet again, for this "unsanctioned event" that nonetheless draws 10,000 to 12,000 people every April 20th, and you can just hear the sighs and eyerolls as she writes it.

“We are dedicated to addressing the needs and concerns of this community,” said the veteran Captain. Public Safety is our ultimate goal, but creating a comprehensive plan to address the needs of local merchants and community members are also a must. We understand this community is often adversely impacted based on this event and this is why we are doing everything possible to ease the frustration.
Despite this being an unsanctioned event, we will still monitor the crowds very closely and take strict enforcement actions. It was troubling to see the number of parents that were actually bringing their children to such an event and this year we will determine if it’s appropriate to arrest those parents for child endangerment related offenses. We ask in advance for parents to use good common sense and do not bring your children into this “smoke zone.” We will also partner strongly this year with Juvenile and Adult Probation and will take swift actions on those found to be in violation.

While no doubt there are Bay Area parents who may get a little stoned in the presence of their children, thinking this is no worse than parents who drink in front of their kids, can we all agree that a stoner free-for-all filled with fucked-up 19-year-olds stumbling around is no place to bring your kids?!

Also, if you're a maker of fine edibles, you should be aware that the SFPD will be patrolling and busting any vendors they see, and "vendors are not permitted to sale [sic] anything."

Of course Supervisor London Breed has threatened to try to shut this thing down completely, both for cleanup reasons and other reasons, but she's probably powerless to do so — unlike Halloween in the Castro, you can't run street-cleaners through the park spraying water on everyone.

More than anything, SFist is just looking forward to Stanley Roberts's annual coverage of the event for his People Behaving Badly segment on KRON 4. And please oh please can this mime girl come back?? She later wrote in to SFist to insist that she wasn't stoned at all but was just high on life and trying to show others how to be but WE LOVE HER SO MUCH.

And, in case you're new, here's the history of the term 420, which is Bay Area-born.

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