At this late date, Yelpers are finally going to get a nationally televised stage from which to deliver their amateur snark about restaurants they do not like — or, to use a phrase popular with the site's many, many armchair critics, restaurants that they think are "just OK." The Food Network announced last week that they'll be debuting a new show next season called 12 Hungry Yelpers — the title a maybe too clever reference to the film 12 Angry Men, a 1957 Henry Fonda vehicle about a holdout on a jury in a murder trial. The Food Network show, according to Forbes, will focus on one restaurant each episode and will "use [the Yelpers'] terrible, and hilarious, reviews to help restaurants discover and fix their problems." So it's kind of like Restaurant: Impossible, except instead of listening to experts and industry consultants, restaurateurs will be taken to task by Yelpers seeking 15 minutes of fame and hoping for a chance to meet Bobby Flay. So, kind of like Yelp itself, only way worse, and on TV.

Per Eater, the show will be hosted by MasterChef season three finalist and Chopped Junior judge Monti Carlo, who you can see in her hosting reel below. She also hosted the show Make My Food Famous on the FYI network.

And as Grub Street sums it up, "Awful Yelpers do not need more incentive to think their thousand-word restaurant burns are making the hospitality industry a better place."

Can these would-be critics actually help a restaurant address its problems without being needlessly pissy or turning into entitled monsters like Cartman did on South Park this past season? We'll see! But no premiere date has yet been announced.

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