It might feel like a typical spring day today, but that won't last long! Record high temperatures are expected in the Bay Area this week, with some spots hitting the low 90s.

According to Mark Strudley, a meterologist with the National Weather Service, who spoke with the Chron, by Tuesday temperatures in Livermore, Antioch, Santa Rosa, and San Jose will hit the mid 80s.

By Wednesday, KRON 4 reports, the East and South Bays should expect temperatures in the 90s, a record for this time of year, Strudley says.

San Francisco will also be hot on Wednesday, with temperatures in the 80s, Strudley says. I advise you to start planting "I think I'm coming down with something" seeds at work today and tomorrow, so when you call in sick on Wednesday it has that extra air of veracity.

And call in sick you should, as Wednesday will be the single hot day this week, Strudley says. Temperatures will sharply drop on Thursday, and by Friday there might even be rain. So gather ye hooky-playing rosebuds while ye may!