Everyone loves the San Francisco Giants, but not everyone, it appears, loves their new ad campaign. The series of short videos were published yesterday and feature a voice-over actor setting up some joke or gag which a team member then plays off of. The San Francisco Egotist, a site working with advertising agencies and freelance talent, yesterday trashed the campaign — hard.

"It's been a while since we saw some Giants ads that we loved (although "Together we're Giant" was fine)," reads the short post on the campaign. "But the new series of spots out for the 2016 season are horrific. We know baseball players can't act, but these concepts are terrible."

The post is titled "Let's hope the Giants' season is better than their ads."

One example, as shown above, shows Brandon Belt "rebranding" himself as some kind of leather daddy giraffe. Another shows Hunter Pence acting characteristically crazy and giving a "pitch" about the season with a laser pointer and lots of yelling.

What do you think? Are the ads really that bad, or should the Egotist just chill out and eat some garlic fries?

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