A plan to thwart backups on the Golden Gate Bridge backfired this weekend, as a closure of the bridge's two parking lots ended up reportedly causing even more gridlock than before.

As reported last week, the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway And Transportation District opted to close the lots at the Welcome Center on the SF side and Vista Point on the Marin side this weekend, in an effort to avoid the hour-long back-ups frequently caused by parking-seeking visitors.

So, did the daily, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. closures over Easter weekend prove to be the silver traffic bullet? Nope, reports ABC 7. Instead, they say, drivers migrated to the Bridge's (still open) "overflow" parking lot, which "filled up so fast, that it caused gridlock all around the toll plaza."

According to one visitor, tourists instead were circling "around thinking they were going to get parking," apparently failing to understand the signs announcing the closures or unaware of where to park, instead.

"It's confusing! It's, like, why? Just leave it alone!" a clearly agitated visitor told ABC 7.

"Just let the same rhythm that's everybody's used to continue!" he said.

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