Ah, the Super Bowl 50 statues. Those huge metal 50's placed around San Francisco earlier this year marking the forthcoming Super Bowl 50 were enjoyed by many a San Franciscan, although not in the manner intended by the National Football League. As you surely remember, the statues were repeatedly, gleefully vandalized by people who, clearly, resented the corporate advertising in city parks. Well, the largest one of those statues is now for sale, the one that sat down at the foot of the Embarcadero, and according to the Chronicle the man selling it suggests someone buy it and burn it in effigy.

“I could see somebody getting it as a gag gift for a 50th birthday,’’ explained the executive director of Building REsources Ed Dunn. “Or I could see someone bringing it up to Burning Man and setting fire to it.”

Building REsources, a nonprofit "source for reusable, recycled and remanufactured building and landscaping materials" located in India Basin, came into possession of the statue simply as a result of being willing to pick the damn thing up — those numbers are 12 feet tall, weigh an unknown number of pounds, and require a giant moving truck to be relocated. Apparently all the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee asked was that the organization come get it. When reached for comment by SFist, Dunn confirmed that this particular 50 originated from Super Bowl City.

At present, Dunn hasn't decided on an asking price. Let the bidding war begin.

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