An unruly passenger prompted a flight heading to SFO to make an impromptu pitstop Saturday morning. Adding insult to injury, SkyWest flight 5345 had to land in Reno of all places.

According to a Skywest email sent to KRNV, "SkyWest flight 5343 operating as United Express from Calgary, Canada to San Francisco, California diverted to Reno, Nevada after a passenger failed to comply with crewmember instructions. The passenger was removed and the flight continued to San Francisco."

No word yet as to what exactly happened onboard, but Heidi Jared, spokesperson at Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority, says that the passenger in question was "a little ornery." The problematic traveler was detained in Reno and released with neither an arrest nor a citation.


The flight continued to SFO sans unhinged passenger. But still, one must wonder what the passenger did to divert the plane. Did they store their baby underneath their seat? Let their dog shit in the middle of the aisle? Was it Mrs. Iglesias again? We'll update as soon as we know more.