When UCSF offered Jeremy Biane a job as a postdoctoral researcher in their neuroscience department, it seemed like a great deal: His wife is from SF, so they'd get to be closer to her parents, and the couple and their young son would get to live in UCSF housing instead of fighting it out in SF's rental market.

So Biane, his wife Erin Coe, and their 17-month-old son Austin packed a 16-foot Budget rental truck with all their earthly possessions and made the move from their current home in San Diego to San Francisco, as ABC 7 reports.

"It had our clothes, our furniture and a lot of electronics," Coe told ABC 7, as well as "furniture, kitchen items, and other belongings" including Austin's baby book and heirlooms from Biane's late mother, Hoodline reports.

However, the family couldn't move into UCSF's Mt. Sutro apartments immediately, so after leaving San Diego on February 29, the opted to crash at Coe's parents' place on Vicente Street between 25th and 26th Avenues. Their stuff, the couple decided, would remain in the truck parked on the Parkside street until they could move into their new place on March 7.

Coe's dad tells ABC 7 that it was the morning of March 4 when Biane asked him "Jim, did you move the truck?."

"And I said, 'No, I did not move the truck.' So he says, 'Well, I think it's missing.'"

And it was missing. Some time after 9 the previous night, the truck had been stolen.

"It was like -- how can you move a 16 foot truck in the middle of the night?" Coe told ABC 7.

“I’ve always felt really safe here,” Coe told Hoodline. “We were more worried about bothering the neighbors with this big truck. We’re just dumbfounded.”

According to ABC 7, the family has since moved into their new apartment, and is making do with furniture and baby goods given to them by friends and family. But there's been no indication that they'll ever get their stuff back.

Though Biane drove around looking for the truck and filed a police report at Taraval Station, over ten days later the truck — and all their belongings — seems gone for good.

“The officer said that this was the first time he had heard about something like this,” Biane told Hoodline. Since then, they report, "the couple have yet to hear from Budget or the police."

The truck is a 16-footer with "Budget" written on the side and Oklahoma plates that read 2RQ037. If you spot the truck, please call Taraval Station at 415-242-9753.

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