For some, an edible marijuana treat is a bite of bliss. For others, it's a ticking panic attack time bomb. But for Harvest Shop, the Richmond's newest boutique medical marijuana dispensary, edibles are basically the new pot. Yes, Harvest hopes to get ahead of the legalization curve differentiate itself from quotidian pot shops with a focus on artisan-made, cannabis-infused treats over smokeable buds and flowers — though it does carry those to a lesser degree.

In fact, according to the Chronicle, Harvest has gone so far to cater to a growing stoner bourgeoisie that it offers "concierge services" to ensure customers a bespoke stupor from their carefully curated products.


Located on the site of Geary's former Hemp Center after an ownership change, Harvest's aesthetic influences might include Four Barrel or Bi-Rite as forebearers. Once inside, peruse gallery-inspired shelves for brown butter sage marshmallows or "dosed" Mexican-style drinking chocolate. As Harvest puts it:

We have spared no expense to bring you the most extraordinary flower varietals; the most advanced, chemically pure concentrates; and the healthiest and most delicious edibles that provide consistent and reliable results. We work with local farmers and artisans as we believe that knowing where your cannabis comes from is essential.

Best of all: After you grab your haul at Harvest, you can enjoy your purchases in a members only lounge area. There, soft leather upholstery is perfect for a quick nap or minor breakdown.

Harvest Shop, 4811 Geary Blvd

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Harvest via Yelp