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Saturday night's storm resulted in an El Niño-fueled hangover this morning. And there's more to come. Here are the most interesting mucked up things that happened overnight because water fell from the sky:

- Great Highway was closed early Saturday evening due to flooding. It has since reopened.

- Santa Cruz, which felt the brunt of the storm, saw the San Lorenzo River, Soquel Creek, and Corralitos Creek all reach flood levels, causing evacuations for folks on Porter Street along Soquel Creek, Felton Grove, and near Paradise Park next to the San Lorenzo River. According to KRON 4, "several county roads were closed due to mudslides, floods or downed trees."

- Per ABC 7, 320 flights out of SFO were delayed Saturday and 70 were canceled.

- Like a dry Riesling floods the liver of French Laundry patrons, rain deluged parts Napa and Yountville.

- Power went kaput in parts of Monterey County, Sacramento, and Half Moon Bay. It has since been restored. Well, more or less.

- A truly frightening moment happened shortly after 9 p.m. Saturday when a driver spun out of control on the 680. "It was a very scary moment. I had reflections of my life at one point," Jorge Gomez, the man who was driving the car, told ABC 7. Fortunately, only his car was damaged during the downpour.

- As blankets of rain and massive wind gusts took down branches in Half Moon Bay, up north in Pacifica, a couple of flags warned boaters to get on land. "The first pennant is a small craft weather advisory," notes ABC 7. "The second is a gale force wind warning."

- This isn't the end of it, folks. The National Weather Service issued a flash flood watch and a wind advisory for SF and Monterey Bay areas for Sunday night.

- And now, set to John Lennon's "Imagine" as interpreted by Avril Lavigne, a moment of silence for the trees we lost during last night's storm.

Rest in peace, soldiers.

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* sob *