Bay Area Bernie bros turned even saltier after catching wind that San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee stumped for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Saturday. Up north for a Hillary In Washington event, the Seattle native said of the Democratic frontrunner, "She's shown time and time again, as she speaks we listen very carefully, that she already knows that mayors don't have time to debate."

Not exactly sure what he means, but Mayor Lee's successive #ImWithHer tweets, showing clear support for Clinton, have a bit more clarity. To wit: "Bellevue knows #HillaryClinton fights for working families & she will continue to in the White House" and "Tacoma is proud to stand with #HillaryClinton because she stands with our diverse American communities."

The mayor's support for Clinton is nothing new. In May of 2015, the Democratic presidential candidate took time off her fundraising-only visit in San Francisco to sip (and, one can only hope, spill the) tea with Mayor Lee at a Chinatown teahouse where they reportedly discussed housing and homelessness. Lee joins an elite team of other squeaky-clean mayors, like Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, gunning for Hillary in the Oval Office.

Washington state's Democratic caucuses begin March 26.