While it's no $1.2 million shack, the above pictured 363-square-foot house is currently the smallest home on the market in San Francisco. Expected to go for over its $495,000 listing price, we can't help but wonder what the sweet, sweet world of almost $1,400 a square foot looks like. Lucky for us, there are photos of the Mission District spot.

But before we dive into the pics, let's learn a bit more about the space just off 14th Street while we bask in some luxurious copy.

"'MINI' is all the rage," the real estate listing company informs us. "First the Mini Cooper, and then Mini Bar on Divisadero, and now the opportunity to decrease your footprint by owning a Mini Mansion in the heart of the Mission."

The home's former owner, Curbed reports, was a poet and a teacher — a fact which in this market perhaps adds some much valued "authenticity" to the listing.

"When people get a look at this property, they start dreaming about getting rid of all of their trappings and living the simple life," Laura Taylor of Paragon Real Estate told Curbed. "It's a really stunning spot."

And to be fair, it is quite charming. But $1,400 a square foot charming? We'll let you be the judge of that. (And it should be noted, this is an improvement on the 265-square-foot shoebox for sale about a year ago, near the Presidio, for $1,600 per square foot.)


Photo via Paragon.

Photo via Paragon.

Photo via Paragon.

Photo via Paragon.

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Photo via Paragon.