If you've been treating Uber or Lyft as your designated driver while touring breweries about town, well, most of the time you're going to have to keep doing that, but the good news it that once a month starting on March 16 you can hop around from local brewery to local brewery for free.

The San Francisco Brewers Guild, the folks behind Beer Week and much more, have designed a once-a-month shuttle program to ferry you around between breweries!

This month, for example, a shuttle route will take you from Black Sands Brewery to Magnolia Brewing to Barrel Head Brewhouse to Sunset Reservoir Brewing. Call it pint-to-pint service.

"Being allowed to not only host a Meet the Brewers night but kick off the Drink SF Beer shuttle when we're less than a year old is testament to how supportive both the Guild and the community have been," Cole Emde, a co-owner and the exacting brewmaster at Black Sands, said in a release. "We're honored and excited to showcase our brewpub and set the tone for a great year of Drink SF Beer shuttles."

Mark your calendars, beer seekers, and perhaps black out the next morning, too.

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