Gazing thoughtfully upon a gallery wall is one thing—but zipping around your local streets inside contemporary artwork is about to raise your cultural cred from mere onlooker to creative trendsetter. And not only will you have the benefit of driving a car that looks way cooler than your friend's boring, gas-guzzling sedan, but your car will be on-demand and eco-friendly. So you're going to look good and feel good in your upgraded ride.

Thanks to Carma and City CarShare, you can ride easy in an ownerless electric car wrapped in original artwork by Bay Area artist Zio Ziegler. And while you're at it, make sure you roll down the windows and wave goodbye to the folks losing time at the pumps or navigating the maze that is San Francisco street parking.

Carma's gallery-on-wheels is part of a larger fleet aiming to unclog city roads and dramatically lower emissions. The cars are on-demand and totally shared. So the same same head-turning wheels can take you to work in the morning and haul you and your friends to the beach next weekend, no gas needed. The math is simple: fewer cars, fewer headaches. It's the future of transportation—and it's already happening here in San Francisco.

Ready to get behind the wheel? Joining City CarShare Powered By Carma is free, and members have full access to an art car for as low as six dollars an hour. Try eating one less burrito this week and put your money toward a greener and more efficient city. Better yet? Carma's art cars are free for all Bay Area artists who apply.

Are you ready to take the gallery on the road? Sign up and get started today.

This post is brought to you by Carma.