Good news from Capp Street Capp, everyone: Later this week, the Mission's Little Baobab will reopen for Senegalese treats like crepes and waffles in a faster-food operation!

Best of all, owner Marco Senghor says that “We’re going to be open late — especially on weekends."

The Baobab family started in 1996 and boasts a spot in Oakland. Little Baobab is the sister operation to next-door Bissap Baobab (the one where you have been going for dinner and dancing), but it's been closed since a kitchen fire put it out of commission in 2013.

Of the new, or rather, renewed, Little Baobab operation, Senghor said in 2014 that “It’s going to be a fun little place, beautiful and nice.” Then, he was already plotting the comeback, but troubled by the losses caused by the fire. “I was almost losing my business,” he reportedly added.

Fortunately, that wasn't so, and Little Baobab can be sampled starting Friday at 5 p.m., barring the unforeseen.

Little Baobab - 3376 19th Street between Mission and Capp Streets

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