In what appears an ongoing epidemic of shootings on the I-80 freeway, a man was killed Saturday when a car drove alongside him and fired bullets into the driver's side window.

The fatal shooting happened at 1:08 am early Saturday morning around Hilltop Drive in Richmond. According to reports, a 40-something man was driving a silver Jeep westbound on I-80 when an unknown suspect (or suspects) drove up next to him and fired shots into the Jeep. The victim's car rolled off into an embankment and flipped several times, ejecting the driver from the car.

When members of the Richmond Fire Department arrived at around 1:43am, the victim was dead. The crime temporarily shut down westbound lanes of the freeway.

The California Highway Patrol believes this crime to be a targeted shooting, and the public isn't in any danger at this time. For not being in any danger, there have sure been a lot of shootings on I-80 recently. SFist has full coverage here, but just to recap:

November 2: A man was shot on 80 near San Pablo Dam Road
November 11: A man was fatally shot and a woman injured in a car-to-car shooting on 80 near near Pinole Valley Road
November 24: A passenger in a car on 80 between the Ashby and University avenue exits was injured by flying glass when their car was shot
December 17: Another car-to-car shooting on 80 near San Pablo Dam Road that injured a "targeted" driver of a black SUV (who, incidentally, fled to a nearby Denny's)
January 11: An adult, teen, and toddler were all injured when their car (containing three children under the age of 5) was shot repeatedly on I-80 near the Richmond Parkway.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact the CHP at (707) 551-4100 or (510) 622-4609.