Following God's law that all beautiful people must procreate as often as humanely possible, Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newson and his wife, thespian filmmaker/SFist commenter Jennifer Siebel Newsom have produced their fourth offspring.

Dutch William Siebel Newsom was born Friday afternoon in San Francisco, clocking in at a healthy 8 pounds and 12 ounces and 20-and-a-half inches.

Welcome to the world Dutch. We love you. Dutch William Siebel Newsom 8 pounds 12 oz 20 1/2 inches

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The Newsoms already have 57 (excuse me, 3) children. Montana is 6, Hunter is 4, and Brooklyn is 2. Dutch was named after Dutch Flats, California, a "semi-ghost town" where young Gavin spent many happy days at his father's home. "Dutch" is the title of a 1991 family comedy about a sassy kid on Thanksgiving. And Double Dutch is a San Francisco bar that the Newsoms would never go to because it's in the Mission.

Welcome to the world, Dutch!