Back in the heyday of the Bold Italic, the website and its events team tried to do a "micro-hoods" thing where they rechristened familiar sections of the city with their own, non-realtor-approved monikers such as Valencia Bottoms — not actually referring to a subset of Mission-based homosexual who prefers a passive sexual role, but referring instead to the opening stretch of Valencia between Market and 15th where Martuni's and that Stuff store are. They also tried to push for FolSoMa and Mint Slope, neither of which gained much traction. But given that San Franciscans aren't worth their salt if they don't rage and scream over the creation of new neighborhood designations that don't need to exist, today I am going to stoke your ire with a new proposal by Yelp: DivCo.

Yes, they're referring to Divisadero. The Divisadero Corridor, better known to all of us simply as Divis, and occasionally these days as NoPa — which is a 'hood name that still makes some commenters bristle (you know who you are), a decade on, because this whole area used to just be called the Western Addition.

Yelp dropped the above "neighborhood spotlight" into our inbox this morning, with the following by way of explanation:

Yeah, we said it. DivCo, or now known as Divisadero Corridor, is no longer a divider, but your newest neighborhood that encompasses NoPa and the Lower Haight as one. Take a stroll down one of San Francisco's best streets and get a little taste of everything from epic toast to, arguably, one of the best music venues in town.

Epic toast.

No. Just... no.

Stop it.