Traffic on the upper deck of the western span of the Bay Bridge came to a complete standstill this past Saturday as a car spun through all lanes, burning rubber and creating a thick blanket of smoke in the process. The California Highway Patrol is investigating the sideshow, and although they apparently received numerous 911 calls regarding the incident, they were unable to catch the culprit.

This all went down around 12:45 p.m., KRON 4 reports, observing that the police could not positively confirm that the above video (originally obtained by the channel via Instagram) depicted the same incident that was reported to them.

Sideshows are particularly popular in the East Bay, shutting down highways on more than one occasion. A few years ago 880 was completely blocked due to a massive sideshow, and late last year a sideshow involving roughly 700 cars led to gunshots fired at a police helicopter. In that incident, a police car was also vandalized.

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