According to prosecutors with the San Francisco District Attorney's office, a simple verbal dispute might have sparked the shooting death of two men and the critical injury of a third at a popular San Francisco tourist attraction on Valentine's Day.

The fatal shooting of 19-year-old Rene Mora and 21-year-old Julio Peraza at the Twin Peaks lookout has been well-documented on these pages, as has the arrest of their alleged killer, 26-year-old Richard Contreras.

In court for Contreras' arraignment Thursday, prosecutors revealed more details on the case. Bay City News reports that Contreras allegedly "shot one of the victims in the chest and the other two in the back," before carjacking a bystanding Fresno couple's SUV and fleeing the scene.

ABC7 reports that "Contreras didn't know his victims and that the shooting may have been fueled by alcohol, drugs and a lot of disrespect."

Citing an anonymous source, ABC7 writes:

Contreras and two others drove up to Twin Peaks early Sunday morning, were drinking and that Contreras was allegedly high on drugs.

Words were exchanged with Rene Mora and the other two shooting victims, all three of whom were in another parked car. Sources said Contreras then pulled out a gun and shot the three.

Then Contreras' two friends quickly drove off, leaving him at the scene. Sources said that's why he had to carjack the Fresno couple's car to escape.

In court Thursday, prosecutors said that "Contreras has a long history of carrying weapons in his car and that he's committed a felony in each of the last three years." They argued for $10 million bail for the accused man, as they said Contreras had "told a witness after the shooting that he was going to leave the country."

Instead, his public defender argued for $1 million, allleging that "the information she had been given so far by prosecutors did not link her client to the case."

ABC7 reports that the people allegedly carjacked by Contreras' following the shooting could not positively identify him, as "it was too dark and it happened so quickly."

A DA's office spokesperson emphasizes that "there are no gang allegations contained in the criminal complaint" and that "there is no reason to believe that the alleged shooter or victims were involved in any sort of gang dispute."

Contreras faces two murder charges as well as charges for attempted murder and carjacking. He has pled not guilty to all, and remains in San Francisco County Jail on a $5 million bond. The date of his next court appearance has yet to be determined.

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