While a few possible reasons for the closure of Sparky's 24-hour diner were posited — among them, a Health Department shut down which seemed perfectly logical given the food they served — it seems according to a letter obtained by Hoodline that owner Roberto Barbosa is in fact late on his February rent by 14 days. If he doesn't get in touch with the building's owner by March 7th, according to that missive, Sparky's will see its lease terminated.

It was rumored that Sparky's rent figured somewhere around $30,000 a month, and though we thought that might be sustainable, restaurant industry sources tell us otherwise. Further, that rent sum, if accurate, could represent a hike for a restaurant that has been in one place for so long, and should have had much cheaper rent — and perhaps that is what brought the ax down.

So, it's come to this. As we mentioned previously, Sparky's, though a rarity in these parts, is not alone in serving food into the little hours. There's this list, for starters — just in case Barbosa doesn't make it with that rent soon.

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