Posted by Kit Dale on Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Sonoma high school fight caught on video is getting a lot of attention this week after it was revealed that the girl shown pummeling the boy — including two hard knee jabs to his face — was allegedly responding to online bullying and in-person aggression. The fight took place at Sonoma Valley High School last week, and video of the altercation shows the girl taking the boy down before administering the beating.

A teacher rushes to the scene screaming "Who is that girl?" as the girl runs away.

According to ABC 7, this was not a random encounter. Rather, students told the channel that the boy "made comments on her Facebook page" and that after she confronted him about it, "he threw water at her." That, apparently, is when the fight broke out.

Now, it goes without saying that the fellow students' story of what precipitated the fight may or may not reflect reality. And, even if it did, that would not justify assault. Regardless, that the video has almost 14 million views suggests that the tale of a girl standing up to a boy bully has resonated with a lot of people.

School officials, understandably, are unhappy with a narrative that in any way justifies violence against a student, and ABC 7 reports they sent a letter home to parents noting that "comments were posted about the incident containing inaccurate information and by persons not having firsthand knowledge."

Students told the channel that the girl has been suspended, and that the boy is attending school with a black eye.

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