The dive-bar dominoes continue to fall, as we learn today that the much loved Doc's Clock is not long for this world. The watering hole, on Mission Street between 21st and 22nd, will close when its lease expires in the summer of 2017. It seems the building's new owner refuses to renew the lease.

So reports Broke Ass Stuart, who notes that Doc's owner confirmed the details when asked.

The depressing news, while frightfully common these days, stands in stark contrast to the recent developments at Mission Bar right around the corner. Mission Bar, which has been at the corner of 23rd and Mission Street for 17 years, signed a new ten year lease this past December.

The building that houses Doc's Clock was purchased by Leticia Luna, the restaurateur behind the former Leticia's once located on the corner of 15th and Market Street. Luna is currently working on turning the former Paradise Lounge into a place called Calle Once (or Calle 11) which may serve some version of the fare once served at Leticia's, and feature salsa dancing.

Stuart says that Leticia's plans for Doc's are unconfirmed, but is does not require too much of a leap to assume Luna plans to open another Mexican spot. And, with the increasingly popular Alamo Drafthouse Cinema down the street, and the upscale Vida apartment complex across the street, we wouldn't be surprised if plans involved turning this once humble dive bar known for serving free peanut butter and jelly sandwiches into something a little more upscale.

Which, well, would be just a damn shame.

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