Order now and get your bagels in 15 min this am with @fastbitesf

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San Francisco's bagel hunger is deep and voracious. And today, even though the much anticipated Wise Sons Bagel isn't open yet in their Fillmore digs, they began delivering bagels via Caviar Fastbite as of 8:30 a.m. The bagel four-packs with a pint of schmear ($10) were sold out as of 9:10 a.m. when I decided I was hungry for one, and this makes me sad.

As Eater reports, the plan is to continue bagel delivery on Caviar with 24 hours advance orders required until the shop opens, which could be in the next two weeks — and could also be delayed again.

As of this writing, however, I don't see any order buttons in the app for tomorrow, but rest assured I will be checking and rechecking until I see one.

In promising signs, however, they get the signage on the windows this week at 1520 Fillmore.

Update: Inside Scoop bought a bunch this a.m. and published the Chron Food Department's thoughts, which are mostly positive, ranging from "Even better toasted with cream cheese," to "too small" and "not bad."

Fillmore windows are dressed!

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Wise Sons Bagel and Bakery - 1520 Fillmore at Geary - Opening maybe by late February