Eek. While knocking down a wall during a renovation at 79 Central Avenue on Friday, a homeowner found a human skull inside, adding further evidence to support the descriptions of Joan Didion and David Talbot that the Haight was not all peace and love back in the day. As Hoodline reports via a neighborhood tipster, after discovering the skull inside the wall, the city medical examiner was called to the scene, and remained there for several hours thereafter.

Obviously, no one can say yet how old the skull may be, or anything about the living person it may have belonged to, so for all we know the grisly situation that led to it ending up inside the wall could long predate the late 1960s era referenced above.

The three-bedroom home was built in 1900 and has had the same owner since 2005, according to Zillow.

But this is the second such weird discovery of human remains in recent months, after the partial remains of an adult and a child were discovered in a planter box outside an Alamo Square home in November.

That case remains open after, as the Chronicle reported, further investigations at that property on McAllister Street were ongoing to see if there were any more hidden remains.

One veteran investigator, hearing that a child victim may be involved, immediately invoked the unsolved case of Kevin Collins, a ten-year-old who went missing in the Haight in 1984 and whose remains have never been found.